Sunday, May 29, 2011

San Francisco with my family, SF Salsa and Bachata and other sites!

Hello friends,
Jule and I arrived at my cousin's house in Hayward.  She let us stay with her family and I haven't seen her in years.  Her father is my dad's nephew.  I haven't been to San Francisco in years so it was great to spend time with them.

it is also the center and transit hub of all of the surrounding Sant Francisco neighborhoods and surrounding bay areas

Ferry Building Marketplace
It is located on Market Street in the Embaracadero

The Marketplace is filled with artisan cheese shops, cute and delicious restaurants and many organic treats

I had the best coffee here served with a scoop of gelato

We went to Sinbad's on the pier for a cup of clam chowder

Sinbad's Seafood Restuarant is a great location for a dining view of the pier.

Bay Bridge

Lola parked in front of my Uncle's house in Daley City

With my Uncle Eddie

With my Uncle Eddie and my cousin, Jen

View from Twin Peaks
I think this has the best view of SF overlooking the city

Golden Gate Bridge

This suspension bridge links the SF Peninsula to Marin County.  More people commit suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge more than any other historical site in the world.
It is one of the most photographed sites next to the Tower Bridge in London

The Golden Gate Bridge was painted in the famous international orange color mainly as a sealant for the bridge rather than the typical silver color.  There are 80,000 miles of cable wire in the Golden Gate Bridge and has over 1,200,000 rivets.

Typical San Francisco cable car

Jule is about to drive the world's most crooked street

The world's most crooked street

at the bottom of Lombard Street
It's famous for having a steep block of hair pin turns.  The speed limit here is only 5 miles per hour.  

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

Alana and I used to work at Oilily together in 2003.  It was a great reunion after 7 years.  She moved to the bay area, from Chicago, 5 years ago.

We picked up Alana in Berkeley for a night of salsa dancing

Bay Bridge

Jule learning some new salsa steps

Club Cocomo
They had an 18 piece salsa band all night long!

there she goes
Cocomo is definitely the place to go for salsa on Mondays!!  

they threw in a couple of bachata songs to mix it up

Jen and I

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