Saturday, November 20, 2010

Punta Cana NH Royal Beach November 11-16. 2010

This trip was planned way before my around the world trip so it was my last vacation with my girls Sol and Claudia before going off to my world journey.

Stayed at the NH Royal Beach Hotel Resort:  I highly recommend it because it was super CLEAN,  food was good and beach was the nicest one in Punta Cana.  There is a NH Royal Beach Real connected.  That is for the family style resort.  We stayed at the adults only result so we wouldn't have to deal with screaming babies.

Club Mangu:  Very touristy but the music was great!  Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue and some hip hop and electronic.

Zaccaleche:  Only the dominican locals go there and is a kept secret.  The dominicans were suprised that we heard of that place because it's not touristy at all.  We try to find places off the beaten path.  It's open all night long but lots of young prostitutes with old european and american men hang out there.

Plaza Mayoral:  This was a hot spot that we stumbled into.  It is a local dominican spot that plays tons of salsa.  My girls and I were having a blast until a huge fight broke out and beer bottles were flying around.  Sol and I hit the floor because it brought flashbacks of getting hit in the head in Chicago accidentally during our club days.  "Not the face!!"  One of the locals there said it often happens when the group tries to skip out on paying the bill.  It was a little rough!

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  1. LOve the pictures!! Hoping that my bf will take me there sometime since he is from there! Well not from Punta Cana but close!

    love you!=)