Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Days in Vegas.....

Hello friends,
Here are a couple more pics from the rest of our days in Vegas!

Top of the World restaurant in the Stratosphere.  It's a revolving restaurant that makes a full evolution in and hour and a half.  

Coming here at sunset has the best view of Las Vegas!



We made friends with guys from Texas!  Little John

Brazilian Wil from Texas! 

Big Steve


Breathtaking view of the strip!


Paris Hotel

Monte Carlo Hotel

Flamingo Hotel Lunch Buffet

Caesar's Palace

Fashion Show Mall

Bellagio Hotel

largest H & M in the world in Caesar's Palace

Crazy line at Pure Nightclub at Caesar's Palace

Rooftop of Pure Nightclub

Reunited again with Mike!  I met him on this very same rooftop last year!!   Just happened to run into him AGAIN ON THE SAME ROOF!  CRAZY!


Dancing salsa at The Gold Coast on Saturday

Ran into Cat at Planet Hollywood!  She is my friend from Chicago and accidentally ran into her!  She was working the Blackjack tables!  I was very lucky and won a lot with her!!  Thanks Cat for being my lucky charm!

Blackjack table at Planet Hollywood

We found the best salsa club on Sunday at La Costa Grill!!!

We met this awesome salsero that night!  He was an amazing dancer!  Whoo hoo!  Thanks Javier!!

Paris Hotel

New York, New York Hotel

Luxor Hotel

Awesome Breakfast off the strip!!  Yummy!

Inside Peppermill Restaurant

Jule was winning on the slots but lost it all in 10 minutes!  :(

My friend Nick let us stay at his place in Vegas!  Thanks Nick!!  You are the best!!  Muah!

Nick's place in Vegas!  Didn't have time to hang out at the pool. 

Luxor Hotel

Dancing at La Costa Grill
Salsa Sundays

Off The Strip Restaurant

Off the Strip Restaurant!!  Amazing restaurant with delicious food off the strip!!  Yummy!  

What a cute gas girl!  Pump it up!

Our car Lola, leaving Nick's studio in Vegas!!  Bye Bye!

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