Monday, May 16, 2011

Mystical and beautiful Sedona, Arizona

Hello friends,
Yule and I were fortunate enough to see Sedona, AZ.  It was merely by chance that we stayed in Sedona.

I was contacted by my ex-boyfriend, John who happened to google me because out of the blue, he was just curious to see how I was doing.  I haven't spoken to him in 13 years.  He was my boyfriend when I was 16 years old.  Thank God for Linked in.  He found me there and we friended each other on Facebook.

We started to chat and I said I was on my west coast road trip and I was headed to Arizona that day.  He insisted that we stayed with him in Sedona.  Yule and I never knew anything about Sedona or what it was like.  We mapped it out and it was actually on our way to the Grand Canyon!!  We had so much luck because only minutes prior, we were trying to find a place to stay in the Grand Canyon.  Talk about fate.
After leaving Tempe, we headed to John's house which was only 2 hours away from the Grand Canyon.
John said we would absolutely love Sedona.  He was absolutely right.  I have never seen anything quite as breathtaking.  He said that the Grand Canyon is beautiful but being in Sedona makes you feel like you are actually in the Canyon rather than from a pnaoramic view.  When we arrived to Sedona it was pitch black.  We couldn't see anything, but in the morning, we had such a beautiful wake to the gorgeous mountains.

Sedona is not only beautiful but it is also a place for spiritual enrichment and enhancement.  Everywhere we looked, it had a spiritual or metaphysical feel.  We were definitely surrounded by hippie, artistic, and/or metaphysical junkies.
This is the North American mecca for healers, intuitives and spiritual guides.  They have a world-wide reputation for spiritual retreats and a place to become more in touch with your metaphysical and spiritual side.

My ex-boyfriend John also did an extensive tarot card for me and read Jule's palm and gave her an in depth analysis of things going on in her life.  It was interesting seeing John as a man opposed to as a teenager.  His essence remains the same but it was great to see him centered, more responsible and now a father of a beautiful 4 year old.

Red Rock Canyon and Slide Rock State Park

John took us to the famous Galaxy Diner off of route 66
This was an original 50's diner with pictures of Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe and many iconic movie stars of that generation.

Yule sipping down a delicious shake!

Rainbow Trout Farm

Jerome is a small town which is located only 28 miles away from Sedona.  It is also known as the largest ghost town in America.

"Crib's District" where all the buildings on this street were once part of "prostitution row."

an actual mining cart from a mine

The remains of a jail cell
Jerome is also known as America's most vertical city.  Because of the 30 degree incline, many of the buildings were pulled down it's slope from gravity including the town jail.  It is located 5,200 feet on top of Cleopatra Hill.  This town was once known as a copper mining camp.  Jerome is located on the largest copper mine in Arizona and once produced 3 million pounds of copper per month.  

Jerome was once known as, "The wickedest town of the west" but is now home to many artists and creative types.  Although it is small, it is a big tourist site for people who visit Sedona.  

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