Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Songtan, Korea near US Osan AB

The town was quiet last night.  There were few US military wandering the streets but it might be because it was a weekday.

My friend, Elaine showed me this area.  It's filled with rock-n-roll bars and tons of seedy little hotels for the US military to hang out and unwind.  There are also a lot of retail shops for Americans to buy imported American clothes and grocery stores to buy expensive imported American goods.  The area is steps away from the US base.  We walked in to a couple of my friend's bars where they were filled with "juicy" girls.  This is a term used here in Korea for predominantly filipino girls who sit with you at the bar and you buy them a "juice."  You can walk into any of these bars and these girls are on the male GI's and tourists like white on rice.  They are not supposed to be strippers or prostitutes but they will dance for you and spend time with you while you buy them a drink. Some will perform some sexual favors for the cost of the more expensive juice!  These girls are contracted by the bars to where super skimpy outfits and get men to buy them a drink.  These "juicy girls" are giving my people a bad rap."

The highlight of our evening was eating the best korean cheeseburger in town at Miss Jin's Hamburger joint.  She put all of her kids through college in the states by making the best hamburger in town.  She makes more money here than the Mc Donald's down the street.  They have the traditional korean cheeseburger with a fried egg on top of it, cabbage and her secret sauce.  I had to have two!!  It was delicious!!  I had a cheeseburger and a Dr. Pepper for $4000 won ($3.55 US).  This place definitely gets my vote!!


  1. I feel you on the "giving us a bad rap". I'm staying on base right now and i hate going downtown because people think I'm a juicy. But I'm from California and I'm probably going to cuss the next person out when I go downtown again. Anyway the Meat House is a good place to eat too for Bulgogi.

    Juicy Revolution!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks for that comment! My friend teases me that I could easily find work in Songtan! I think I'll pass on that one!! :)