Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alcatraz, More of San Francisco and Jule's first tattoo!!!

Hello friends,
Jule and I took a trip to Alcatraz.

I took Jule to get her very first tattoo.  We went to Ed Hardy first and they did not give Jule the attention or advice that we were looking for.  We left and I took her to Haite Street to Mom's Tattoo Parlor. 

Her tattoo artist, Jacek is prepping her stencil.

Jule was approaching the end of her around the world trip and had enjoyed every single day.  She wanted something to remind her of this special time in her life.  

Ouchie!!!  @#$!

Finished Product

Thanks Jacek!

Mom's Body Shop on Haite St.

Street art on Haite St.

Dim Sum

Dave from Marin Charters

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I used to work with Dave for many years.  He works for Marin Airporter and Charter Buses.  I would speak to him almost everyday and book many bus trips through him on the phone but I never met him.  I finally got to meet him and he took Jule and I on a fun tour of San Francisco.  He does tours in SF for a living so he was an awesome tour guide!  Thanks Dave for all of your advice and a fun tour in SF!  

Famous Redwood Trees

Salsa Dancing at Roccapulco!

Roccapulco in the Mission District

Dave took us to this amazing homemade ice cream shop with interesting flavors.

dinner at north beach

Before leaving in the morning, my cousin's dog had her puppies!  Awwww!

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