Thursday, May 26, 2011

Couchsurfing in San Luis Obispo with a Chocolatier!

Madonna Inn men's bathroom waterfall

Cal Poly salsa night
Hello friends,
After leaving our host in Santa Barbara, Jule and I headed up to San Luis Obispo.  Our new host, Ken is a chocolatier.  He just came back from Switzerland and is importing chocolate for his new business.  The moment we arrived at his house, he put a glass of white wine in our hands and we proceeded to his bedroom!  No time to waste!  This is where Ken housed all of his chocolate!  He sat us down and we started the evening with an amazing chocolate tasting.  Yummy!  What an introduction.  He taught Jule and I what to look for in a good piece of chocolate.  He showed us what good piece of chocolate will sound like when you snap it in two.  Ken showed us how to appreciate the texture by rubbing the chocolate together with our fingers and smelling the different types of chocolate.  We had everything from pure dark swiss chocolate, to pistachio chocolate, white chocolate with lemon, tiramisu chocolate and white chocolate with caramel.  This went on for about 1.5 hours.  I have never had so much chocolate in my life.

Another nice surprise was Ken's love for tango.  I shared my photos and videos from my recent visit to Argentina and he shared his tango moves with us.  I showed him a thing or two of salsa and merengue and Jule showed him how to dance bachata.  It was a night of tango, salsa, chocolate, and wine.

Ken's chocolate tasting room


starting a fire

Madonna Inn
Ken took us to the landmark hotel, Madonna Inn to see the obnoxious decor and the famous men's' bathroom.  The men's urinal is actually a waterfall!

breakfast in the morning

crab melt

Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn dining room in crazy pink!

Men's bathroom

Octagon Barn

We went to the movies at the local theater in Morro Bay.

Ken took us salsa dancing at Cal Poly University!  It was so much fun!

Ken's house

Saying goodbye

On the road again

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