Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st night in Vegas BABY!!

Hello friends,
I spent 5 days in Vegas with my friend Jule.  My friend Nick was so kind to let us stay in his lovely studio apartment in Vegas!  Thanks Nick!!  :)  We arrived in Vegas late Wednesday night and Nick came to meet us there.  He had to leave early in the morning so he gave us an action packed tour of the city from a local perspective!  What a night!!

On the way from Sedona to Vegas!

Nick took us to our first stop.  This was a cool Tiki Bar with cheap drinks off of the strip.  It's a local joint!

Nick, Jule and I

Slow down German! 

Yummy, tropical concoctions!

Next stop, Firefly tapas bar!!  


Like I said, take it easy German!! 

Bacon wrapped dates

filet mignon cheeseburgers

the best melted brie I have ever had!

tortilla espanola

Jule felt right at home here at the Hofbrauhaus!

Here we are with some cool brazilians we met!


Thanks Nick!

Next stop, having a drink at the Parasol Bar at the Wynn!

Overpriced but decadent and unique cocktails

Hmmmm?  Where should I take these ladies next?? 

What's Vegas without showing us our first co-ed strip club.
The female strippers were downstairs and the male strippers were upstairs.


We went to Texas Station for an inexpensive but decent breakfast.  Can't beat $4.99!  

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