Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grand Canyon

Hello friends,
What is a trip to the west coast without visiting the Grand Canyon?


Only 2.5 hours away from Sedona, Jule and I headed to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon for a day trip.  This is the most popular part of the canyon.
We left sunny Sedona's 80 degree weather to the Canyon.  To our surprise, the weather started to drop due to the higher altitude.  By the time we were almost half an hour away, we experienced a white out!  Yes! This is true.  Only two hours from Sedona, we went through a freaking snowstorm in Arizona!  What crazy weather phenomenon is this?  I was wearing shorts and flip flops and was not a happy camper when we arrived.  I was definitely not dressed appropriately but who would have thought to bring boots and a sweater to the Grand Canyon in the middle of May??

It was such a fluke but we waited a little bit in the Grand Canyon IMAX theater to kill time and watch the movie.  By the time we arrived at the actual canyon, the weather cleared up and was sunny!  Thank God!

Can you believe a snowstorm in the Grand Canyon in May??
What is going on here?

Look at my crazy outfit??  I was just in a swimsuit in Tempe, AZ only days before and only hours away!!  

Mather Point
Yule is a crazy German!!  A little too close to the edge for me!!  Anything for a crazy picture!!  

On our way back from the canyon to Sedona

Ponderosa Pines


Back in Sedona

John took us to a drumming circle

We went to an organic vegetarian eatery that specializes in pure, organic chocolate delights

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