Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good bye India. Hello Thailand.

I have a very long travel day ahead of me.  I flew in from Mumbai to Delhi and now waiting to get on the Delhi to Bangkok flight which finally connects in Phuket tomorrow at 11AM.

Sitting here at the airport waiting for my next flight but wanted to pay a very special thanks to Anita Khara and her dear family.  They did everything they could to keep me safe when I traveled alone, planned my itinerary for the rest of India, took care of my excess baggage shipping, found me an amazing tailor to make me some cool jackets, fed me delicious food, and most of all just treated me like family.
They protected me and were always checking in to make sure I was okay as I traveled all over India.

Anita, you will always be my soul sister!!  My journey through India was so enlightening, peaceful, fun and educational because of you and your family.

I love you!!!   A million thanks for everything that you did and more!  Everyone needs an Anita in their life!!  If you are ever in Mumbai, she is the woman to talk to!!

On my way to Delhi, I met these two young men from London who were so friendly as soon as they sat next to me.  They were touring India for 2 weeks and we shared some of our fun stories on the way to Delhi.  Their names were Abdul and Kay!  I love British people!  Their always so fun and friendly.  
Abdul and Kay, you are always welcome to check out Chicago if you are ever in the states.  Thanks Kay for carrying my crazy luggage for a minute.  

Speaking of luggage, here is the update:
I left Chicago with around 97 pounds (44 kilos).  Not including hand carry.
I am shipping back half my stuff including some stuff I bought from India thanks to Anita.
I am now down to 32.8 kilos (72.6 pounds) not including hand carry. Hey, it's going down by almost 25 pounds!   

Travel Update Since November 18th thru tomorrow.

I have been on 14 different planes, 6 different road trips with 35 hours of driving, flew 21,016 miles and drove 1053 miles with around 35 hours of drive time. (India traffic)

I have been to 2 countries which will include 11 different cities in the past month.

I'm tired and it's only just begun!


  1. Lyn u really stayed in our house like a family member.U are just amazing. I love u alot. I had really felt as if my sister is by my side. U were very accomodating. No troubles at all. Love u.

  2. wow lyn...this is really amazing!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Lyn,you are so fortunate to have people along the way to look after you, that's a blessing in itself... and the extra is meeting new people..You have quite a way to go yet get so I know I don't have to tell you to pace yourself..HMMM..I think I did early on..anyway, continued safety and I look forward to your next stop..BTW, I'm happy to see your are exercising discipline in regards to your luggage.

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