Friday, November 26, 2010

A memorable night of window shopping in Pyeongtaek.

I picked up my friend from her school and she took me to downtown Pyeongtaek.

We went to this really cool restaurant she thought that I would love.  It was just my style.  It was dark and filled with lots of candles, pillows, curtains and brightly colored fabrics.  She was right.  I felt right at home here.

The staff did not speak much english so we continued to point to what we wanted to eat.  Elaine had some sort of past and I ordered a traditional breaded pork that seemed to be popularly served here in Korea.  Well, the food arrived and I was quite disappointed.  I would highly suggest coming here for a drink with a date because it's very romantic and cozy but maybe opt for a different restaurant prior to coming here.

After dinner she wanted to show me an area that was like a "red light district."  This was quite an unusual area and nothing that I have ever seen before.  This area was filled with nothing but korean prostitutes that serviced and catered only to Korean men.  The streets were lined back to back with store front windows.  Instead of mannequins, they were filled with actual korean prostitutes wearing next to nothing and posing in each window.  The korean men would go down the street and select the woman of their choice.  Behind these storefront windows were actual apartment and bed set ups for the men to handle their "business transaction".

Oh my gosh, I wanted to turn around because I felt like I should not be there but Elaine insisted that I go through the street and check it out.  I watched as the cars slowly drove by and the women all called out to the men, hoping to get picked.  Now you know me, I had to take a picture so you could see what I am talking about but I had to be quick and discrete.  I hear that the pimps and prostitutes usually chase out people with cameras but I HAD TO SHOOT THIS!!  Whoa!!!!  The prostitutes were freezing their butts off!  There was a little school girl outfit prostitute and for those who were into that, and different  kinds of outfits.  I took some pics of men being solicited by the girls.  I was told they do not service foreigners at all.   These Korean girls are only for Korean men.  If Americans or other foreigners want to get taken care of, they have to go to Songtan near the Osan Air Base where the (Filipino juicy girls) will hook them up.

I was scared when I took these pics for fear we would chased out or beat up but I was quick about it and then quickly left.

Sneaking around in the middle of night, trying to take pictures of these girls at work!  


  1. Wow, I can't believe your way out in South Korea. This is quite the adventure and I am, so happy for you. Thanks for sharing the pics. Same concept from the Red light I see. I am always intrigued by other countries way of life, food, and culture. Keep sharing and take care. Just sent you a ton of blessings.

  2. I bet your heart was racing 50 miles a hour..from fear and excitement...I could tell you stayed a safe distance woman...not worth risking your life for...but you're had to get SOME pics..happy to know you two didn't get caught..

  3. Oh, btw, the restaurant does look very would be nice to stop in there for a drink and a little conversation..

  4. Actually they do "service" other men that are not Korean but they're are very selective. Only Asians and Caucasians