Friday, May 27, 2011

Couchsurfing in Santa Cruz...

Hello friends,
Jule and I left Hearst Castle and arrived in Santa Cruz!

Vee was kind enough to let us CouchSurf with him.  He was quite busy so we were lucky enough to have a place to stay.  This was an unusual couchsurfing arrangement which was quite different than any other place that I have stayed at.  Vee lived with 25 other people in a coop housing arrangement.  It was a big house but I have never been to a place that housed so many people.  All types of people from all races, creeds and colors lived there.  Most of them were young, some were students, some were artists and some were passers by.  They were welcoming and laid back individuals.

Vee had a separate room off of the main house and said that everyone basically pays a different rate depending on their room or living situation in the house.  Everyone pays a set amount for utilities and food and they grocery shop for the entire house.

Vee was hosting a pirate radio show and he invited Jule and I to come.  He also invited us to a gay and lesbian after party if we decided to do something after.  He said this was a huge event and everyone in Santa Cruz was very excited to dress up and attend this evening.

When I visited Santa Cruz, it had a very hippy, artistic, urban, student vibe about it.  Santa Cruz was one of the first cities to approve medical marijuana.,_California

Santa Cruz Boardwalk is the oldest amusement park on the west coast and is a designated historical Landmark.   

Dinner at Kiantis:  They are also known for their pizza spinning shows and champions.

Breakfast at Hoffman's

raspberry and cheese blintzes

With some of the tenants of the coop in Santa Cruz

The other roommates were dressing up for the gay and lesbian after hours party

At the pirated radio show

Jule testing out the microphone

Our CouchSurfing host, VEE

Chavez Coop

The entire coop house was sprayed and painted with graffiti and artwork

Entrance to our room

Local artists came to decorate and paint around the Chavez Coop

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