Monday, February 28, 2011

Snorkling the amazing reefs of Fiji and exploring Savala, Island...

Hello friends,
I am staying at the Fiji Beach Resort & Spa managed by Hilton.
It is quite a change since I have not stayed in a hotel very much thanks to the kindness of my couchsurfers, hosts, or just staying with friends and family.

Just as I had researched, this is truly a 5 star hotel.  If you ever get the chance to come here, I would highly recommend this hotel.

My room

View from my bedroom

Fiji has over 300 islands.  Since I only have 2 days, I could only pick one.  I left Port Denarau, Fiji and I took a day tour to the Savala Island aboard the M.V. Oolala Cruise.  I picked well because my day was filled with fun and breathtaking photos. 

Savala Island

We dove off the boat to snorkel the beautiful reef


This jellyfish was friendly and did not sting!!

Blue starfish

I've never been this close!!

There were tons of fish swimming with us!

Delicious local beer from Fiji

My friends Loata and Seravie, the captain of the boat

My friend, Loata "Lo"

jellyfish washed ashore

Preparing for our picnic bbq on the island

I found a bird egg hiding underneath the mangrove trees.

This was a jellyfish actually in my hand!  I definitely was not used to it considering I was always taught to swim away from them.

My friends Lawrence and Anna from Sydney, Australia

My best friend Sol was kind enough to give me a gift certificate to the lovely Hilton Spa. 

Her generous birthday gift paid for an exfoliating pineapple scrub, facial and a full body massage!!  Thanks Sol!  You're the best friend ever!!

I had a warm foot bath to start the 3 hour luxurious pampering!

entrance of the spa

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  1. Great update Lyn! Love the pix too! Have a great time.

    XOXO, Nancy