Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hello friends,

During my stay in the Bikol province, my cousins suggested we go to the Caramoan Peninsula for a few days.  I have never heard of these islands but it's pretty out of the way so there aren't many tourists that go there.  These islands have been a favorite site location to film many of the episodes of the Survivor television shows because of it's isolation from everything and is a true vision of being out in the wild.,_Camarines_Sur

In order to get there, we had to take a 1.5 hour bus ride to the Sabang Port and take a 2 hour boat ride to these islands.  Our boat got stuck on a sand bar so we were not able to move for an hour because of the low tide.  Normally if the boats can't come in, we are required to sit on the shoulders of the porters as they walk in the water and carry us to the boat.  Luckily, the boat was able to come in close enough where we were able to cross without having to have someone carry us!!

Our boat to Camaroan that got stuck for an hour

Our bungalow in Camaroan at the West Peninsula

Outside of our bungalow

Sabitang Laya island

One of our meals they served with giant prawns, beef stew and fresh fish included with our hotel package.
We were able to stay at the West Pen including transfers, accomodations, food and the island hopping tours for $3500 pesos each (about $69 US for 3days and 2 nights)

My cousin Majo and I

Our boat

It started to storm and we were trying to cover ourselves as the waves were crashing into the boat..

We had the island all to ourselves

Having lunch!  The table is literally in the water and gets higher as the tide comes in.

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