Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life in the province....

Hello friends,

Living in the town where my parents are from is quite different than living in the big city of Manila.  The creatures are everywhere.  I am an intruder in their house.  I live with the field mice that wander in the living room occasionally to see what is going on.  I try not to freak out because it's quite normal here to have these tenants living among them.  Whether it's here or in the states, I just can't seem to get used to those little rodents.   There are many lizards climbing the wall at night.  They don't bother me as long as they don't chill out on my bed.  I always remembered these critters when I lived here many years ago but they are still hard to get used to.  Let us not forget those flying cockroaches.   My cousins don't appreciate them either so they kill them when they see them.  CRUNCH!  CRUNCH! CRUNCH!  
They quickly reminded me as they flew right past me.  They are the size of a giant prune.  It's not so bad but when I see a few at a time flying by and I am dodging them, it is a little disturbing.  Ants on the table really cannot be prevented when you are eating.  No matter what you do, they are dining with you.  My favorite visitor was the bat that occupied my bedroom.  He made sure I knew how disturbed he was by my presence. At first, I heard this squeeling sound and I thought it was a mouse but then it got really LOUD!!  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!??  No way was that sound coming from my little field mouse friend!!  I was a high, consistent, shrilly sound.  I then remembered that same sound as we canoed through a bat cave in another town.  The feeling is quite different when he is up close and personal like that.  

My cousin said they don't get rid of him because it is a sign of good luck and prosperity in the house.  What????  My cousin was kind enough to at least get him out of the room.  Thank goodness.

local coconut grinder

No idea what she was selling but it was some sort of sea creature and it was moving!

The fresh market

Cutting up some jackfruit

A favorite among my many friends.... Here is a pork lumpia shanghai recipe (filipino eggrolls)

A house on near the Sabang Port

A night of karaoke with the family

Tricycle stand waiting for passengers

 My house has at least 5 roosters along with other farm animals in the backyard.  They make sure to get me up at the crack of dawn.  It's hard to ignore them once they sing in unison!!

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  1. i hate those loud chickens!!! no wonder puerto ricans like making pollo frito from scratch!!!lol!