Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bula!! Going to a Fijian village....

Bula is heard everywhere in Fiji !  It is universally  used to say hello, or welcome, and is even exclaimed if you sneeze ! It means 'life' and is a way of wishing good health and fortune to the recipient.  Formally heard as 'ni sa bula vinaka' (nee-sahm-boola-vee-nahka).

One fascinating fact about Fijians was that they were cannibals.  The last account of cannibalism was less than 140 years ago.  The tribes would be at war and in order to prove who was more ferocious or the much stronger tribe, they would kill and eat their enemies.

Here is some of the detailed descriptions of some of the accounts of cannibalism.

On my last day in Fiji, I wanted to visit a traditional Fijian village.  I took drove 2.5 hours and took a small canoe for 1 hour to get to the Namuamua Viallage.

    Important Tips About Visiting Villages: Dress modestly. Don't wear shorts, and women must not wear halter tops or bare shoulders. Do not wear hats. They are interpreted as a sign of disrespect. Always remove your shoes before entering any house or other building. Stay with your assigned host. If other villagers ask you to eat or accompany them, politely note that you are with your host and would be honored to visit with them at some other time. Remember, Fijians will, out of custom, always ask you to eat with them or share whatever they have. Speak softly. Raised voices are interpreted as expressing anger. Show respect, but be cautious with praise. If you show too much liking for an object, then the Fijians will feel obliged to give it to you as a gift, whether they can afford to or not.

sugar cane fields

Traditional Kava Ceremony

drinking the offered kava...  It has a mud-like texture.  It is a traditional, ancient drink that has many sedative properties.  

They said I look juicy and tasty!!  Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!

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