Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fishing for the first time....

Hello friends,
New Zealanders love to eat what they catch!!  Most of the food that I ate there was fresh fish that we caught the same day and fruit and vegetables that we picked from our own gardens.
We woke up early that morning to fish near our house.

Our local friend Twink, took us out on his boat.

I caught my very first fish!  This red snapper was also the first fish caught for the day! 

Kim's mom about to cut the head off.

Kim is struggling here!  She caught a huge one and he's fighting her the whole way!

She caught about three kahawai that day!  This was the biggest one!

This fish got bitten by a shark while we were trying to pull him in.

We had the red snapper and the kahawai that we caught for lunch that day! 
Kim's mom a.k.a. "the butcher"

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