Saturday, February 26, 2011

Auckland, New Zealand with my friend Kim!

Hello friends,

I was not able to have access to my pics so I am only blogging about it right now.  After leaving Australia, my friend and dentist, Kim met up with me in New Zealand!  There is no coincidence that I am being somehow protected and pushed away from all of these major catastrophes.  If I weren't meeting up with her in Auckland, I would have gone to Christchurch.  Luckily, because we were going up north to meet her parents, we were going in the opposite direction where the devastating earthquake hit.

Auckland Sky Tower

View of the Sky Tower from Queen Street

Kim and I

12th Annual Auckland Lantern Festival drew 250,000 people to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Kim had been communicating with this guy named Aleks.  They had met on Facebook and never actually met until now.  They have been keeping in touch through the years and had become friends.  Kim told him she was coming to town so he was kind enough to let us stay with him and his roommate for a few nights in Auckland.

Aleks, Kim and I

Alex and his roommate Matt.

After meeting Alex and his roommate, we had a wonderful night of good conversation, wine and Matt sang for us .

His roommate, Matt was entertaining us with a song he wrote.  It's interesting what types of people that I attract around me.  After speaking to Matt for a while, I found out he is actually in the ILP program and has been involved in Landmark Education for almost 10 years now.  Landmark is the same program that I have been doing for the past 7 years now that has made such an impact in my life.  

Aleks had the most quaint little cottage apartment filled with beautiful original woodwork and fixtures. 

This was the original stove in the house.

clawfoot bathtub

Kim and I at a cafe in Auckland

Enjoying a lovely eggs benedict...

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