Thursday, February 10, 2011

Couchsurfing in Sydney, Australia

Hello everyone,
I was lucky enough to have a wonderful CouchSurfing host named Matt when I first arrived in Australia.  He lives in a lovely suburb named Cronulla which is an hour away from the city.  As soon as I arrived, his roommate, Alex met me at the train to take me to the apartment.

Matt is such a good host that he also had two other french Couchsurfers named Laury and Pauline.  It was their first experience on Couchsurfing and are planning to work in Australia for one year.

Matt had to work since I came during the week so I took a train into the city and saw so many wonderful attractions in Sydney such as the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  In the evenings I spent time with Matt and his friends and had dinner in the little town of Cronulla.  I fell in love with the charm of this little place which was only five minutes from the beach.  Matt is an avid surfer and was nice enough to wake me up at 6 in the morning to go and see the sunrise.

I also was able to go to the Sydney Wildlife World.  I was able to visit kangaroos, birds and get up close and personal to my Koala friend, Syd.

I think my camera memory card is done and the files got corrupt.  I think I may have lost all of my Sydney pics since my computer shuts down whenever I put the card in! I'm so bummed!  I had amazing pics to show all of you.  :(  My first major picture malfunction!!

The only pics that I have from Sydney are the ones with my Koala!!

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