Saturday, February 26, 2011

Going up to northern New Zealand to hang out with Kim's parents...

Hello friends,

Part of the reason that Kim met me here is because her parents used to live here and have come back to New Zealand every year for a few months each time.  They have a huge network of friends and know the towns so well  Each year, they have made so many friends that they have the opportunity to stay for free since they house sit when people are away.

Our bus going to the northern island

Kim and I

Kim and her mom and dad, Barb and Neil

going up to Rangikapiti Hilltop in Manganui

It was a climb but the view was worth it!

Home where we stayed in Taipa

Kim's dad is also a veterinarian so part of his housesitting duties were to take care of the animals.

This is their mule.

Feeding time

Vegetable garden that we often ate from

Their coy pond

We were invited to their friends' house for dinner 

Breathtaking view off their deck from their lovely, mediterranean style home

Lovely Emily, my filipina sister in New Zealand

We had freshly smoked kahawai for dinner

Our local dentist friend Natalie

Kim's Dad, Neil

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