Monday, December 27, 2010

An unusual way to spend my Christmas!!

Hello all,
This is my first time that I have been away from home on Christmas.  We decide to check out the Patong (the red light district of Phuket).  Everyone kept saying we were going to check out a ping pong show.  I have no idea what that was!  Boy, was I in for an interesting night.

We start off going to several different bars, having a drink and then moving on to the next one.   We go along Bangla road.

It's the main street filled with girly bars, dance clubs, restaurants and tourist nightlife.  It was so amusing watching the guys we were with.  They were confused and so busy trying to figure out whether these hot girls were men or women as they danced on the tables and flashed their boobs to the crowds. In my opinion, asians make for the best drag queens and transvestites because they are already so petite in body and their features are soft and feminine.

Let's see if you can judge if they were men or women.

We continued to the other bars and clubs and I kept thinking to myself of how different my Christmas is today versus how I usually spend it.  Back home, I always go to midnight mass with my mama and open presents after mass.  This year, I am in 85 degree humid weather, spending time at the beach, getting $3 pad thai meals, $10 massages and about to see what is the fuss about the "ping pong show."

We finally were led to the "ping pong show" after negotiating the entrance fee for the seven of us.
We get to the place and these women come out and start doing tricks with their pelvic muscles and out of their vaginal cavity!  It was crazy!!! Of course, I was not allowed to take any pics so you will just have to use your imagination.

I have never seen anything quite like this but we had to witness the show with our own eyes.
Okay, so here is the unusual checklist of things that are actually possible to do with your v-jay with practice and hard work that we saw with our own eyes.

1. Pulling out a 50 foot string with razor blades tied to it every 6 inches!  At first, we thought it was just plastic but the lady proceeded to cut off the string with each razor that came out of her.  OMG!!

2. Pulling a 50 foot string of long needles that were attached every six inches.  Ouch!!

3. She opened her legs and put a fish bowl between them.  Then, one, two, three, four, five small catfish come out of her and into the bowl.  Oops, I missed one.  the sixth one then eventually comes out!

4.  She gets my friend to volunteer on the stage and lies on her back.  She puts a plate full of 10 candles on her chest and uses a straw to blow out all 10 of her candles with her vagina.

5.  She starts to shoot out ping pong balls out of her without using her hands.  She shoots it out simply with her pelvic muscles, hence the term, "ping pong show."

6.  Then it just gets freaky!!  These are different girls by the way.  Each trick has a different girl.  Most of these women are much older.  They were probably prostitutes at one point but I believe once they got too old, they probably had to figure out a way to make money so they did tricks.

I thought I've seen it all until I saw a parakeet come out of her!  Chirp, chirp, chirp!

7.  Then another girl had a freaking mouse come out of her!!!  (I wonder of PETA knows about this. )

8.  They had 3 of my friends stand together with a balloon between their legs.  She bends forward and puts a straw down there and proceeds to aim with her v-jay and shoots darts at the balloons.  She busts all of them at the first try.

9.  To end the show, the lady puts a magic marker in her v-jay and starts to write a note!!!  She gives it to my friend as a souvenir!!  Ewwwww!

After a crazy night, we hired a tuk tuk to take us home.  What an unforgettable and unique Christmas!


  1. OOOOOO MYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDD As I read each trick my jaw dropped lower and lower......woah

  2. WOW!!! No words for this one..other than, glad you had a great time!!

  3. LOL!!!! omg!!!! i am in shock! but i think its so funny!!! are you traumatized???