Friday, December 3, 2010

South Goa!! Riding Babu!!!!

Today, I visited south Goa.
My trip involved visiting a christian church.  There was a huge festival and the lines wrapped around the church for blocks. I couldn't go in because it would take me all night before actually getting in the church.

Next, I went to my first hindu temple....

I visited a spice plantation where they showed us the different types of spices grown for indian cooking.

Now the highlight of my day was meeting my friend Babu!  He is a 35 year old elephant who was kind enough to give me a ride!  It was 600 rupees ($13.25)


  1. Beautiful pics Lyn, Happy to see you have arrived safely at your next destination!! How did the dish taste, and were you initially nervous getting that close to Babu?

  2. The dish was delicious! I ate at that restaurant 3x and it was never disappointing. Babu was an angel and well tamed! No problem! He was too cute!