Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jaisalmer: Sam Sand Dunes, Michael Jackson, Gadsisar Lake and Jaisalmer Fort

Hello friends,
I specifically came to Jaisalmer so I could ride a camel and visit the Sam Sand Dunes.  Jaisalmer is located in the midst of the Great Indian Desert and is very close in proximity to the international border between Pakistan and India.

It was definitely worth the trip to see the sunset beyond the horizon.  My 10 year old camel's name was Michael Jackson.  The cost of the ride was 250 rupees (around $5).  You gotta love this country.  :)  There is an option to do an overnight trip where you can actually sleep in the desert.  I opted to go back to my hotel.  You all know how I feel about camping!  :)

Gadsisar Lake (The Holy Lake) Many people come here everyday to feed these HUGE catfish.  They don't eat these catfish.  The people feed them as a way of good karma.  
This is a man made lake.  This was once the only water source for Jaisalmer considering this city is located in the middle of the desert.  

Jaisalmer Fort 


  1. Camel ride looked like great fun and the pictures of the sunset were absolutely breathtaking!! Interesting info about the body of water and the catfish too!

  2. All you need is your girlfriends with you, for a Sex in the city movie!!! LOL Miss ya!!! It was great talking to you yesterday.

    XOXO, Nancy

  3. wow!~~~!!!! those catfishes looked like if they were gonna eat you!!! lol love the sunset on the desserts... were you scared of the camel? seems like a lot of fun! miss you!! xoxox