Thursday, March 10, 2011

My first week in Hawaii....

Hello friends,
For the first few days, I CouchSurfed at Mike's house and he took me around the North Shore.

I made Mike crusted salmon with honey dijon, butter sauce with a corn on the cob and mango, avocado salsa!!  
I spent the day with Mike and he took me to the North Shore side of the island.  People standing in line, as they ordered famous shaved ice.  

He had green tea shaved ice and I had lychee, coconut with condensed milk poured over it. 
Mike took me to see the green sea turtles.
Having a delicious coconut drink...
spicy shrimp and rice
This is Mike's favorite shrimp place on the island.
View of Waikiki from Manoa Heights..
I met up with some CouchSurfers from Amsterdam and their hosts....

We attended a Mardi Gras Block Party in Chinatown
Couchsurfer, Jimena from NY, me, Mike and his new German CouchSurfer
Couchsurfer Mayumi, Rachel, Me, German CouchSurfer and Jimena
Jimena and I went salsa dancing afterwards
My new friend Tim and I having lunch
he took me to his local ice cream parlor to have different flavors of mochi.  Here we are having chocolate, mint oreo, and lychee mochi.
Bubbies makes their very own homemade ice cream.

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