Monday, March 21, 2011

Ichiriki Japanese Nabe Restaurant, Na Hoku II booze cruise, and Couchsurfing Honolulu

Hello friends,
I'm sorry I have not written lately and kept up with the blog but I have been very busy on the island.  By the time I get back, I just want to go to sleep.  ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Before my friend Jimena left back to NY, we toured the other side of the North Shore.

We spent Jimena's last night visiting my previous CouchSurfing host Mike.  He just got a new alarm system for his home so we decided to play a little prank on him and pound on his windows.  Jimena was quite nervous since Mike is in the military and was afraid he might just get up and shoot us on impulse.  I knew we were fine because we were too busy giggling and laughing outside his window.  We weren't very good burglars.  :)

When we arrived, we met his new CouchSurfing guest, Fran.  She actually lived in Chicago for 6 years but currently living in Australia for the past 2 years.  We met and hit it off right away.  Talking about Chicago made me feel so at home and made me miss my city very much.  We ended up knowing some of the same people from a store named, Akira where she worked in Chicago.

After we left Mike's house, we decided to hook up with some more CouchSurfers and stayed out until 5AM.
Brazilian Sharlene from Boston, Bolivian Jimena from NYC, me and Jule from Germany!  

Ali and his roommates...

My new Vietnamese friend Vo from California.  He newly moved here from Hawaii .

My friend Nancy spontaneously used her miles to purchase a free ticket to Hawaii!  She is with me for the last two weeks I am here in Hawaii.

My new friend Jule is here until Monday before she continues her world tour to Canada so we have been squeezing in so many things to do before she leaves.

Nancy arrived to our condo and there was no time to rest.  We hopped on a booze cruise near the Outrigger Hotel called the Na Hoku II to watch the beautiful sunset.

Kai worked on the boat! Look at those pearly whites!

View of Waikiki

For dinner, we went to a delicious Japanese restaurant called Ichiriki.  We tried 3 different types of broths with pork and beef and cooked it ourselves.

Salsa dancing at Zanzabar

I met Jack from Toronto.  He is in town for the salsa convention in Honolulu.  

Jule and Albert

She tries bachata for the first time.  She is a natural and she loves it. 

Japanese shaved ice

Jule's new dress

Green Sea Turtle

Famous for the best shrimp truck in town!

North Shore Beaches

The gang decided to visit Mike and make him a homemade dinner since he was busy with his schoolwork.

Submarine at Pearl Harbor

part of the Arizona Ship submerged in water that was bombed during Pearl Harbor

Arizona Memorial

One of the top of the things to do in Honolulu would be the Polynesian Cultural Center.  At first, it felt like a commercialized Six Flags but as the day moved on, it was worth the money.  We learned a lot of the different islands that make up Polynesia, we went to a traditional Hawaiian Luau and the best part was the evening show.  If you are ever in town, you must definitely check it out.

Polynesian Cultural Center 


Bringing up the roasted pig, cooked beneath the ground

Taro bread, roasted pig, marinated raw fish and spinach, potato salad and chicken teriyaki served at the Hawaiian Luau

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