Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pali Lookout, Lanikai Beach, Kailua, HI and Sorabol Korean Restaurant...

Hello friends,
It's been 3 weeks that I have been here in Oahu and I am getting awfully comfortable here on the island.  2 weeks ago, I was able to experience a full blown tsunami alert.  There in Chicago, we get tornado watches all of the time but people were worried and panicked when they sirens and horns were sounding off all night.  The police evacuated everyone in Waikiki who lived 3 floors or lower because if the tsunami hit, those floors would be underwater.  My place is right on the water so it was pretty scary to know that the tsunami could possibly come right below me.  I did not need to evacuate because I am on the 35th floor so I was safe up high.  I left the tv on all night listening and just waiting for the estimated time to pass.

Morning came and went and the tsunami did not come.  Other than higher than usual waves and the water coming to shore a little further in, everything was okay on Oahu.  Unfortunately the other islands like the big island got hit much worse.

I have had a chance to explore the island and hang out with so many different types of people  The CouchSurfing community in Honolulu is big and strong.  It's a close knit community and it seems that most of the hosts know each other.  Most Couchsurfers that I have met are so open-minded, welcoming and so willing to help out surfers in need and show them around.  It's like a big family who is always out looking out for one another.  I am so happy to participate in this project and experience life with the locals first hand.

I met this sweet guy named Tim who has lived here for a year and a half.  He took us around to some of the cool sites on the the island.

We started off the day by going to the farmer's market by the Honolulu Zoo

Delicious tomato, basil and mozarella pizza!

Mike and Jule

Tim and I


Had to take a pic with the local surfers!  Hang loose!! 

It was a little windy!

After reading his t-shirt, I understand why he is always grinning!  :)

Squeezed in the back seat..

What should we order?

Jule and Tim's first time having Korean BBQ
This place was so delicious.  This place was a little bit on the pricier side but worth every dollar.  We had the kalbi marinated shortribs, ahnchang (seasoned part of the inner rib), and sengsun jun (pan fried, egg battered mahi mahi).

View of lighthouse going up to Diamond Head

View from the top of Diamond Head

Chicken Parmesan Panini

Jule's Pancakes with carmelized apples

Best Local Breakfast Spot!!

Dropping Jule off at the airport.  She is going to Canada and is going to meet up with me in Chicago in a month! 

I took Nancy to Side Street Cafe

Kalbi beef

portuguese sausage fried rice

View from Ala Moana Beachpark

Women that we met at Tiki's Bar

I danced salsa with George at Zanzabar! 

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