Monday, January 24, 2011

Puerto Princesa...the city in the forest,

At Caribou Cafe doing my blog!  

This burger is bigger than my cousin's head!

I dared her to eat it all!

She freakin' ate it all!

Last look before leaving our cottage in El Nido!

Bus Depot in El Nido
Good-bye El Nido.

Hello Puerto Princesa!

My cousin found this cute pension that had excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. A pension house is somewhat of a boarding house or a small hotel.  Raq Pensionne was the only place that we could find with availability on the days that we were in Puerto Princesa.  Luckily, this humble residence came highly recommended.   It's clean, quaint, cozy and basic.  It has all the amenities that you need.  It has internet wi-fi, hot water (always a plus), and air conditioning with 24 hour electricity!!  You don't realize how much you take things for granted like electricity until you don't have them.  My cousin and I had the opportunity to stay in a much bigger room there but the smaller, garden rooms have so much more character and are less expensive.  We paid $1350 pesos per night.  ($31.39 US)

Our room (Balayong room)

Lovely little garden outside of our room

Outside of our room

The next day we planned for a day trip to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.
This is one of the ecological wonders of the Philippines.  The Underground River is the longest navigable, most beautiful subterranean river in the world.  It extends up to 8.2 kilometers that goes through an amazing limestone formation cave that empties out into the South China Sea.

We had to wear hard hats in case of falling rocks and bat feces. 

Entrance of the bat, limestove cave of the Underground River

We canoed inside the dark cave where 70,000 bats live and 3 different types of species !

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  1. mmmmmm gimme some of that burger. and big ups to you for going into that cave. I would pass out at the sight of a bat.