Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crocodiles, endangered species and visiting a weaving plant...

Palawan Bearcat
Monitor Lizard

 Crocodile Farm Nature Park

This was the largest saltwater crocodile that was captured alive.
He was over 16 meters long and was hunted down because he had devoured a child.    Above is the actual skeleton and the skin. 

4-5 year old freshwater crocodiles

Saltwater Crocodile

Palawan Hornbill

Palawan Bearcat "Binturong"

Philippine Porcupine
This rodent can only be found in the Philippines

Serpant Eagle

Mynah Birds

Hello my friends!

I had quite an adventure today with my cousin, Majo!

It's our last day in Puerto Princesa so we decided to do the city tour.  We hired a tricycle driver for $700 pesos ($16.27 US) to drive us around for the day.

First, we went to a traditional, handloom weaving plant where they transformed natural plant fibers to beautiful, functional, artisanal crafts, bags, mats, etc.  The weavers make these beautiful products out of Buntal Fibers (palm tree), mangrove grass, buri sprigs and other plants.

Binuatan Creations - Binuatan is Cayunin (native palawan dialect) for creation


Learning how they weave...

Inside of the plant

beautiful and vibrantly colored fibers

Finished products!

We then went to the Palawan Butterfly Garden..

Butterfly wanted to say hello

Two butterflies are getting it on

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