Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More of Phuket, canopying, butterflies and nightlife...

We visited the butterfly museum where thousands of butterflies were flying over us as we observed them in their habitat...

We also went canopying!  This was so much fun.  I loved it when I did it in Puerta Vallarta and it's still great second time around.  My friend Emma is scared of heights so it was cool that she was able to overcome her fear.

Many nights we would frequent this reggae bar called, Stang 75!  I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Phuket.  The people were so friendly and welcoming.  They have a fire show performing daily and they have every possible board game available from Connect Four, Dominoes, to darts, chess and other local stuff.



They also have a local tattoo artist on duty.  My friend, Deron had an old tattoo covered up and the guy did amazing work with a new design.  Here is the Deron's new tattoo with the local artist.  Deron is the one on the right.

This is my favorite thai rum, SangSom!  Delicious and sweet dark rum!

Our two friends from Finland on the right that we met on the way:

This is my nightly ritual of getting a one hour foot massage (250 bhat: $8 US).  I would have to say that this place gave me the best massage I have ever received!

Afterwards, I get a banana pancake drizzled with nutella (50 bhat: $1.50 US)  It is like a puff pastry which is fried in butter and you can add whatever type of fruit inside.  I would say it's more similar to a crepe than a pancake.

We received a free upgrade and changed our hotel rooms because we were having many problems with our room key working and the internet did not work.  We had to get new key cards everyday because they would not work and the door would not open.  The Hilton put us up in their new building which was only a couple of weeks old.  A word of advice:  It pays to voice your opinion and complaints when service is not up to par.

Thai curry:

 Beef spareribs:
 Some kind of exotic fruit:

 Pad thai with prawns:

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