Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boracay!! Once a secret island is now quite the popular destination site.

Hello friends,
How is everyone today?

Part of my trip to the Philippines was planned out so I can explore different islands. I wanted to explore places I have never gone to before.  I have been to the Philippines 3 other times but I have always been limited to see only Manila (the capital) and Bikol (Naga City), which is where my parents are from.   I wanted to see the many beautiful islands that everyone keeps talking about.

I often frequent the Caribbean or Mexico because it's so close and so much cheaper than going to Asia.  I have been to so many continents and have set foot on so many different beaches.  Now that I have visited Thailand and the Philippines, they have raised the bar to an entirely new level.  Never have I seen such tropical, pristine beaches with crystal clear, blue water and a vivid backdrop of lush forestry and mountainous landscapes combined in one.  


I don't know why I didn't come here sooner.  Actually, time, distance and money were my reasons but if you can figure out a way to overcome those obstacles, it is a must see paradise.

1990- Voted by the BMW tropical beach handbook- One of the best beaches in the world.
1996- British Publication TV Quick- voted the #1 tropical beach 

This island was not known to many and was kept a secret.  It only started getting developed over the last 20 years.  The city is trying very hard to keep Boracay as beautiful and as pristine as it was but it becomes more and more difficult as the tourism is growing more rapidly.

In order to try to maintain the cleanliness, the boats are only allowed to dock in one part of the island and you have to take a tricycle taxi to get to the resorts.   You are not allowed to smoke on the beach or you will get fined.  

Gigi posing pretty for the camera!

Puka Beach

Hawaiian BBQ Ribs!! Yummy!

local who worked at Jungle Bar


Shawn and I

Banana-Que!  This is my favorite afternoon snack! This is sweet bananas on a grill with brown sugar melted on top! 

Lyn, Gigi and Sugar

 This place was such a great budget restaurant with delicious food.  We ate here for 3 people for under $12 total!  All of the locals know about this place for inexpensive but tasty food.  You can even buy your own local ingredients and ask them to cook it for you.  My all time favorite on the menu is their beef salpicao made with chili oil, butter, garlic, Knorr's seasoning and rice!!

Jay, after a long night out, treated us to to Smoke!


Cousin Gigi enjoying the sunset

Our favorite breakfast spot, Pancake House

My home away from Bongo Room!  I found the lemon pancake tower made with lemon zest, cream cheese and syrup!  Wow!!  Melt in your mouth good! 

Ferry taking us to Boracay.

White Sand Beach

I met up with my friend Shawn who I used to work with.  I found out he was going to the Philippines around the same time so we coordinated to hang out and stay at the same hotel.  I also met his friend Sugar with and his good friend Jay.  Jay lives in South Korea where he teaches and deejays.  Jay had been to Boracay six times and deejays every time.  He knew Boracay like he was a local.  He knew all of the fun spots, good local restaurants and the more secluded beaches too since he had explored them before.  He was a great resource and a cool friend to get to know.

Gigi and I

Jay deejaying at Juice Bar

Juice Bar

Jay,  Gigi, Me, Shawn and Sugar

Shawn, Sugar, Jay, Me and Gigi

Tocino, rice and egg (filipino breakfast)

Puka Beach

Puka Beach

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  1. The beaches are absolutely stunning, but I think I mentioned that someplace else...The lemon pancakes look scrumptious, but I'm not so sure about the Tocino...I think perhaps you will have to publish a few books when you return..this is too much for one.