Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Korean Porridge!!

My friend Elaine grabbed me from the coffee shop and took me to lunch on her break.  I had no idea that Koreans made the most delicious porridge.  We went inside this narrow restaurant and they gave us menus with every kind of porridge flavor.
I opted for the crabmeat porridge and Elaine chose the corn porridge in a bread bowl.

My Korean friend from the coffee shop said it's called "juk".

When the server brought it out, my porridge came with many sides.  Koreans love their sides!!  There was a side of kimchee, radishes, and some sort of pickled paste, and meat.  Yummy.

Elaine's corn porridge was quite tasty!  It reminded of a thick, cream of corn type of sweet soup.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute little boy who wore a face mask in the form of a kitty cat's mouth and whiskers.  At least if the kids must wear those preventative masks from germs, they can at least do so as their favorite pet.

The total price for our generous sized soups was $14,500 won ( $12.87 US ).


  1. The food seems so delicious and so cheap1!1 yum yum yuummyy!!! Happy thanksgiving!=)

  2. MMMM kimchee! Now I'm hungry. Sounds delish!

  3. I want some!!!!!