Wednesday, November 24, 2010

North Korea bombs Yeonpyeong Island: It's only 80 km(50 miles) from Incheon Airport.

Leave it to me to have interesting timing when visiting Korea! North Korea fired at this South Korea Yoenpyeong Island and Koreans are nervous and frightened to see what happens next.

My friend Elaine who teaches here is Korea said her students are constantly talking about the north bombing the south everyday.  There is a constant threat everyday of this actually happening and now it finally did.

I have never been so close to any type of war or bombing.  This island is only 80 km (50 miles) west of Incheon.  I landed at the Incheon Airport only days before this incident had happened.  There are talks of the Incheon Airport closing temporarily for security reasons.  I have to leave out of that same airport on Monday afternoon for Mumbai, India.  I plan on going back to Seoul over the weekend which is only about two hours away from this bombing.
I'll keep you posted to see what happens.

I am currently staying with my friend in Pyeongtaek which is an hour away from Seoul. My friend took me to Songtan.  This is an area where the US Osan AB is located.  We didn't find out about the bombing until we got home that night but the area was quiet.  There were some military walking around and you would not know that there was a bombing only a couple hours away.

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