Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My favorite little coffee shop in Pyeongtaek!!

My friend Elaine teaches all day so as I wait for her, I frequent this adorable and cozy coffee shop each day that is owned by a young local man named Ken.

They have free wi-fi, clean facilities and they make the best coffee.  My personal favorite is their mocha frappe and their vanilla latte.  I often come here to write in my blog and do research for my next country.  His mother is so precious and they are friendly and kind. It also helps that he speaks English very well because he lived in Australia for a bit if you need to ask for local directions or just chat.

I always love to support the local businesses versus the big franchises. If you are ever in Pyeongtaek, come and check out Gabae Maru Coffee House.  It's located at Bi-Joen 2 Dong 838-5, Pyung-Taek Si, Kyung-Ki-Do, South Korea tel. 031-655-6414.

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