Monday, November 22, 2010

Sexxxy Hotel in Itaewon!! Last day before heading to Pyeongtaek.

I absolutely this hotel that we stayed at.  It's the IP Boutique Hotel.  The rooms reminded of Miami. The rooms were pristine white with 2 sided all glass walls that encased the bathrooms.  Very sexxxy and clean. The lobby was modern and this hotel is centrally located in Itaewon and surrounded by clubs, shops, international restaurants and quite a diverse area.

As Elaine and I walked around, we stumbled into a shop called, Ferrara Korea that sold high end, custom leather jackets that were made with italian leather.  I had to hold back because I know I will be able to get some amazing pieces when I go to Argentina.  This store was top notch as quality of leather and detail.  They also specialized in beautiful fur pieces.  I had my eye on a black fox hat with a matching cape that had chinchilla fur!!  Whoa!!  It was hot and the prices were reasonable but where I am I going to pack it??  I had to just walk away!  :(

As the afternoon escaped us, Elaine and I decided to walk into this spa on the third floor of the Coffee Bean.  It is called, The Green Turtle.  All I have to say is keep going and do not pass go!  My friend Elaine said she gives it a two thumbs down and if she had two more hands, she would give it a four thumbs down!!  First off, the massage was overpriced for an hour.  It was about $70,000 won ($61 dollars).  This is high for an asian massage.  We both thought it MUST be good!
Instead of giving us bathrobes, they gave us grey t-shirts and cotton shorts.  We both looked like gym rejects.  We continued in the room and it was a community massage where there were 6 tables for all women rather than private rooms.  Elaine had a woman that was sniffling and sneezing and using her hand to wipe her nose!!  OH NO!!!
"Bird Flu" flashed across my mind.  She said, no it's just allergies!
My girl, rubbed me down like she was tenderizing a pork chop!!  She flipped me over like she was marinating a piece of meat.  Wow!  Elaine's lady left the room in the middle of the massage about 12 times.  Maybe she went to blow her nose!  Elaine and I left that place and felt like we had to take a shower and wash our hands.  Trust me, I have had many a massage in third world countries but it just wasn't good or hygienic.

For dinner, we went to this trendy tapas restaurant called, "Between".  Directions:  From the Itaewon subway exit 2, walk straight about three minutes. It’s on your right, across from the gas station. It’s big, so you can’t miss it.
Phone number:  (02)795-6164 They served tapas and italian.  I know what you are thinking.  Why in the world would you go to Korea to eat tapas and italian.  My poor friend, Elaine was desperate for non-Korean food since she lives in a village that ONLY has Korean, Japanese and a limited selection of anything else.
Now this place was DE-liciousssss!  Yummy!

I had the gnocchi carbonara and Elaine had a crepe filled with spinach and ricotta!

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