Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's down to the wire!! Only two days before going to Punta Cana.

I am getting a little anxious now.  I only have two full days to complete packing and handle all of my business in the states before going on my journey.  I leave for the Dominican Republic with my best friend for 6 days.  When I return, I will only have exactly one day to be back before leaving for my exciting journey!!  Ugh!! I feel a turtle in my throat!!  How do I pack my life in 1 bag and still be the fashionista that I am???  I am sure that men do NOT have the same level of difficulty as we do.

After all, how many different pairs of black shoes must I leave behind?  So many choices and sooooo little space.  Do I leave the black flip flops, the running shoes, the stiletto heels (just in case of that hot night on the town) or how many wedges do I bring?  Come on, who are we kidding now? You know I am trying to be practical here??  Okay, my little stilettos.  At home you shall rest.

I am pretty amazed that I have gotten it down to two bags!!  One bag weighs 57 pounds.  (Already over the 50 pound limit.)  The other smaller bag is at 30 pounds.  Not bad for a girl who rarely wears most things twice.  To be honest, the problem is the weight of my anti-malarial ammunition.  I have everything from my mite sprays, anti-malarial drugs, mosquito net, travel sheets, and my cans of off.  I know it sounds extreme but I have issues with those darn mosquitos.  Better safe than sorry.

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