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Seattle, Washington: Pike's Place, visiting a marijuana dispensary, folklife festival and more...

legal medical marijuana user card
Here is a link to a youtube video inside an actual marijuana dispensary

inside the office of a marijuana dispensary coop

hash chocolate bar containing 1/8 gram of hash

lollipop containing thc

We went with someone who has a medical marijuana card and can legally buy it because of medical illnesses.  I personally am not a drug user of any kind nor do I agree with using it but I was curious to see how people can legally buy these drugs in other states and what goes on at the dispensary.  The west coast states legalized medical marijuana years ago and it's a completely different culture versus the states that do not allow it.  Even though medical marijuana use is legal in several of the west coast states, it is still an extremely controversial topic.

Tacoma, Washington

We rode the ferry to one of the surrounding islands near Tacoma

Hello friends,
Jule and I finally made it to our final stop on our west coast trip together in Seattle, WA.  Our friend Nancy was kind enough to introduce us to her friends Nick and Ana.  They live in Tacoma and were generous enough to allow us to stay with them for a few nights. We never met them until the night we arrived but they agreed to let us stay there since Nancy is trusted by them and she vouched for us.

Pike's Place Market on a Saturday afternoon

delicious ahi tuna

We visited the very first Starbuck's which opened in 1971 in Pike's Place Market

A night out in Seattle

We went to see Vicci Martinez live in concert.  She is a finalist on the tv show called,  The Voice (similar to American Idol)

Seattle city view

Seattle Space Needle

Experience Music Project

Jule and I went to the Nirvana exhibit at the Experience Music Project Museum.  Nirvana was originally from the Pacific Northwest and the museum had a timeline of their music history along with many Nirvana exhibits and historical pieces.

Kurt Cobain

Experience Music Project

Folklife Festival next door

Nancy's friend Nick who hosted us in Seattle

Nick's girlfriend Anna

Our car, Lola parked in front of our Seattle home

Jule, Anna and Nick

Anna and Jamie

Nick works as a golf caddy and works at two restaurants.  He took us to brunch at the country club where he works.

chorizo omelet

french toast 

with Anna

Jamie and Jule

Seattle legalized the use of medical marijuana for people with certain illnesses like retractable pain, glaucoma, and attention deficit disorder among other things.  Seattle still considers possession of marijuana under 40 ounces a felony but the state will not prosecute those cases anymore.  Marijuana possession is Seattle Police Dept.'s lowest priority.
According to the city attorney:
Marijuana possession remains illegal everywhere in Washington, including Seattle. Enforcement of “personal use” possession is the lowest priority for both the Seattle City Attorney’s Office and the Seattle Police Department. I don’t prosecute simple marijuana possession cases, but marijuana possession is still a crime, and people risk arrest and search incident to arrest for possession, especially people who choose to flaunt marijuana in the presence of law enforcement. As for the “serious offense” question, under Washington law, possession of any amount of marijuana with intent to manufacture or deliver the marijuana is a felony, regardless of the amount of marijuana. Possession of more than 40 grams of marijuana is also a felony, regardless of intent. Possession of 40 or fewer grams of marijuana without intent to manufacture or deliver the marijuana is a misdemeanor. The King County Prosecuting Attorney is responsible for prosecuting felony offenses, so it is up to the county whether and how to charge felony marijuana offenses.

I visited a legal marijuana dispensary where people with the medical card can actually buy up to a pound and a half per month. 

inside the office of a marijuana dispensary

Sneak peak inside the dispensary.  We were not allowed inside since we don't have a medical card for marijuana.  They sell everything from different grades and flavors of pot, pot candy, pot paraphernelia such as pipes, papers, etc. and much more.

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  1. Hey Genalyn!!! Sorry Nick and I couldn't host you. :( But I'm glad to see that you and your friend had a blast in Seattle. We really do hope to see you sometime again.