Monday, June 20, 2011

Couchsurfing in Cologne, Germany

Hello friends,

Jule and I had the opportunity to get hosted by a man in Cologne.  He is a German who is fluent in English, French and German.  He is a sales manager for a french company that sells faucets to hospitals.  His name is Phil and lived a half a block away from a local train station in Cologne.
We did not have much time to spend with Phil but we were able to break bread with him.  He walked to the corner store and Phil bought us a round of his favorite local beer and took us to one of his favorite local turkish restaurants close to his house!  Delicious!

Cologne is Germany's 4th largest city next to Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.  Cologne has over 10 million people living there and is located on both sides of the Rhine River.

Cologne main train station

Our couchsurfing host, Phil

His favorite local beer

Cologne is also famous for the Eau du cologne ( a perfume or toilet water created by Italian expatriate by Johann Farina. This is where the actual word, "cologne" originated from and is now used as a generic term to describe scented formulations.  Although cologne is used by men and women, the term is usually marketed more toward men.  

World Famous Cologne Cathedral

Kolner Dom

The Kolner Dom is a significant representation of gothic architecture and is a Roman Catholic Church.  It is a national heritage site and is famous for holding the remains of the three kings.  It is Germany's most visited landmark with over 20,000 visitors per day.  

The main entrance 

The shrine of the Three Kings

A patient worker restoring part of the artwork inside of the Dom

Typical food to eat in Germany!  Bretzel!

Dom to the left and Great St. Martin Church to the right at sunset

A building caught on fire a block away from a salsa bar we were going to!

This was an excellent salsa and bachata bar that we went to.  No cover charge and the dancers were advanced to intermediate.  Unfortunately, they were in clicks and I didn't get to dance once.  That was a first! 

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