Monday, June 13, 2011

Going home for the first time in 11 months to Osnabrueck, Germany

Hello friends,
Jule's mom made us a big lunch of potatoes in cheese sauce and hard boiled eggs to prepare us for our 5 hour drive to Jule's city, Osnabrueck.ück
Since Jule arrived in Germany two weeks ago, she has been at her parent's house in Frankfurt, Oder.  She is a little nervous to go home to her apartment.  She hasn't been there since she started her around the world trip 11 months ago.  Jule knew when she was a teenager that she wanted to see the world. She saved her money for 9 years to prepare for her around the world trip.  Since then, Jule has visited 16 countries:
1. Thailand
2. Laos
3. Vietnam
4. Cambodia
5. Hong Kong
6. Malaysia
7. Singapore
8. Africa
9. Dubai
10. Australia
11. New Zealand
12. United States
13. Canada
14. Macao
15. Poland
16. Fiji

I met Jule in Hawaii in March.  We were couchsurfing with the same host and became friends.  We never knew each other before then but it ends up, I did about 80% of the same countries she did.  We were traveling to the same countries at about the same time.  Because of Jule, I was inspired to do a one month road trip of the west coast of the United States with her.  During our travels together, I got to be very close to Jule and get to know her.  She is determined, strong, crazy, super neat, loving, adventurous and inspirational!  Anything that she wants is possible with a goal and hard work to achieve it.  Jule is my German sister!  I swear I think she is Puerto Rican because she is just as loud and nuts as my best friend, Sol!  Jule was able to stay with me in Chicago and see my city, my home and meet my friends.  Now, I have the opportunity to experience her home country of Germany with her.  I finally get to see her apartment, her environment, her city and how she left on her around the world adventure.

Jule's mom and dad

potatoes, cheese sauce and hard boiled eggs

Ever since I arrived in Germany, I can't get used to having to pay to use the bathroom.  On the road, they have a high tech bathroom where we had to pay .70 euros to use it.  

Jule is finally reunited with her best friend, Franzi!!  

Oh my, I have to check my mailbox!

Here we go!! 

Franzi was so sweet and welcomed Jule with a welcome home sign.  


Jule's kitchen

Jule's living room

Jule's apartment outside

her street

Weiss beer!  Prost!

schnitzel with mushroom sauce and a baked potato

Franzi and I

Jule's magnet collection from around the world

Ford sportscar that looks like an audi!  Cool!  Ford is so much cooler in Europe!

Old Osnabrueck

with Jule and her dad

Jule's parents

crepe with chocolate and banana

stations of the cross

I was so amazed when I saw this family of owls hanging out near the church.  Here is the mama owl watching her babies to her left.

What are you looking at??

Papa Owl  next to the cross

Another model of the Smart Car

Hase (Rabbit) River

My German sister from another mister!!  I'm soooo happy to have met her on my journey!!  I have two more weeks with her to tour Germany before we part ways.  :(  I will truly miss her!

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