Friday, April 8, 2011

Spending the day with Pablo in Buenos Aires...

Hola Amigos,
My Couchsurfing host Pablo was kind enough to take me around town for the day.  We first went to Puerto Madero.  It is an old and historical port that is now filled with new condominiums, restaurants, shops.  Many business executives come here for lunch but also is a huge tourist area because of the now renovated facilities and attractions.

La Puente de la Mujer
In the background is the bridge of the woman is the work of architect, Santiago Callatrava Valls which represents a couple dancing tango.  

Pablo wanted to show me the area of "La Boca" (the mouth).  This was the first port in Buenos Aires.  This area is filled with houses made of sheet metal and painted in bright, vibrant colors.  This is home to many artisans that sell their crafts and paintings along the street.  On the weekend, the streets are packed with tourists but this area is a "must see".  Pablo says this is where tango all started.  I couldn't help but fall in love with this historic and colorful area, filled with so much creativity and life!


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