Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saying good-bye to my friends but making new ones in Argentina..

Hola amigos,
I spent the last afternoon with Yolanda and we went to Murillo Street by the Malabia subway.  This is an excellent area to buy quality, handmade leather goods at a super deal.  Three things you must do when visiting Buenos Aires.... parilladas (grilled meats), buy leather goods and TANGO!!

Beautiful Yolanda

We can't wait to enjoy our first parillada in Argentina!

Parilladas are very popular in South America.  It is usually a mixture of grilled meats, poultry and sometimes seafood.  We had a mixture of ribs, carne asada, blood sausages and chicken for lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and I said good-bye to Yolanda and Dave as they headed back to Chicago.

I embarked on a different journey in Buenos Aires.  I said good-bye to my friends from Chicago but was about to meet my new friend, Pablo.  Pablo is half argentinian and half israeli.  He was kind enough to host me for the remainder of my stay in Argentina.  I get to enjoy beautiful Argentina through the eyes of a local.  When I met Pablo, he was so kind and welcoming of his home and made me feel comfortable right away.  He said he had to work for an hour in the evening but invited me to watch his class.  I had no idea and to my surprise, he was going to teach Krav Maga!  Pablo teaches Krav Maga to many of the military armies of Columbia and other South American countries.  This will be the first time he will be teaching it to civilians.  I am very familiar with Krav Maga and he was surprised I knew about it because I had taken some classes back in the U.S.


To read more about Pablo and what he does,  he has a blog about him in spanish!!

Subway near his house

my couch that I am surfing in Argentina

Krav Maga was founded by Imi Lichtenfeld.  This was created in Israel as a tactical defense system for the military and has been proven effective for learning different self-defense in a very practical and logical way.  I only knew of this type of defense because I took Krav Maga classes for a couple of months in Chicago and know of how intense and physical these classes are.

Say Cheeeeeeese!!!

Pablo's Krav Maga Class

Pablo in action

After class, we hop on his scooter and he takes me to the neighborhood of Palermo.  He describes it as the NY equivalent of Soho!  It is filled with many artsy and modern pubs and restaurants and has an eclectic vibe.   We grab a burger at Antares Restaurant.

My friendly waiter, Claudio!  

French fries with some sort of delicious topping

They brew their own beer here.

Argentinians are so proper.  It is common in their culture to eat pizza and hamburgers with a knife and fork.  My kind of people since you guys know I hate to eat with my hands.  :)

The staff is super friendly here!

They let me get behind the bar and pour my own beer!  

Pablo, his couchsurfing friend Sara from Canada and me

Aerial view from the restaurant





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