Monday, April 4, 2011

Exploring Santiago, Chile...and LaPlaza de los Dominicos

Hola Amigos,
Patricio necesita trabajar hoy entonces fui a Santiago sola hoy.

I hopped on the metro which is quite easy to get around and he suggested I check out La Plaza de Los Dominicos where all the artisan shops sell their goods.

El Metro

Finally, the peacock was cooperative and let me take the perfect picture as she spread her colorful feathers.

My cat's Chilean brother kitty!!  Lazy and chillin' in Chile!  

Tres empanadas con camarones y queso!

I was looking over at the other tables and everyone seemed to order this interesting drink.  I had to have one.
This is called Monte de huesillo: a traditional Chilean summer drink made up of sweet clear nectar made of peaches (huesillo) , cinammon, sugar, water and then once it is cooled, it is served with cooked husked wheat (el mote).  It is a cool, refreshing, national drink of Chile.

A vendor who adored me and this old guy still had his game on!  He was an archeologist and author  who studied and lived with the polynesian people.  He showed me his book and still tried to get his flirt on whispering things in spanish about mis labios (my lips) y mis ojos (my eyes) the way the poet Pablo Neruda would speak of his wife.  Oh my!  You go abuelito!  

This is Patricio, one of the artists who hand paints all of his crafts with his wife.  

Mi pajarito otra vez!

My host Patricio's condo

A final look from his balcony as the sun sets

I will miss Patricio and Chile!  Although my trip was short in Santiago,  it was worth stopping over .  I hop on yet another plane in the morning to Buenos Aires, Argentina to meet my friend Dave from Chicago.  He has been there for 7 days already because he was going to the U2 concert!!  

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