Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina and a day trip to Uruguay...My

Hola amigos,

I said good-bye to my host in Chile and headed to the airport at 5:00AM.   I ended up having a 6 hour delay so I did not arrive into Argentina until 4:30 P.M.

I arrived at the Feir Hotel and my friends Dave and Yolanda from Chicago were waiting for me.  Dave and Yolanda came to Argentina for the U2 concert and were kind enough to let me stay with them at their hotel since I was going to be in town as well.

My broken plane that never took off.  We sat on the tarmac for 2 hours before they made us get off and take a different plane.  


streets of Buenos Aires

Kilkenny Pub

Jamon Serrano y tortilla espanola

Risotto con langostinos


Ovedo Restaurant

The locals recommended Volta for dessert for delicious ice cream.

Dave had Coco helado con dulce de leche

We went to Bar 878 which was a super cool bar hidden

The next day we decided to leave the country to visit Uruguay because it's only an hour ferry ride across the water.

Dave and Yolanda

We arrived at the very old and historical city of Colonia de Sacramento

What's on the menu Dave?? 

El Chivito (traditional in Uruguay- steak with egg on top with mayonnaise)
El chivito es un sándwich de carne y otros ingredientes, generalmente aderezado con salsa mayonesa y acompañado depapas fritasensalada rusa u otra guarnición. Es un plato típico uruguayo.


Alfajores (una galleta con dulce de leche)

One of the best italian restaurants in Buenos Aires!!!  

We went to La Ventana to watch an amazing tango show back in Argentina. 

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  1. I see that you can appreciate good food. That is one of the best things of Argentina. When I travelled there, I went not only to Buenos Aires but to other provinces as well. In one of the rosario hotels I stayed in, the food they served was delicious: Steak, beef and homemade pasta, the specialties of Argentine dishes!