Saturday, May 24, 2014

Belize.... Belize City and San Pedro

Hello friends,

Alas, it has been way too long since last posting a new travel adventure.  I recently discovered how quickly time flies as it has been 3 years since my last trip outside of North America.  As I keep up with my dearest German sister, Jul He who I met during my around the world trip, I often reminisce of the fun times and amazing people that I have met along the way.  Jul He suffers from the same affliction that I have.  It's called bachata-itis and travel-itis!!  It is the unsatiable need to always dance bachata and travel anywhere and everywhere that we haven't been.  Jul He and I sat down and wrote down how many countries and islands we have been to and it was around 30-40 each.  Although we have been fortunate enough to visit places some people may never visit in a lifetime, we looked at the world map and can truly see we have barely scratched the surface.

I needed a quick fix so last month I made up my mind to visit another one of the places on my bucket list.  I decided to pick Belize.  I have always wanted to go there and visit the beautiful caves and ruins.  I was going to go by myself but at the last minute, my dear friends Claudia Nava and Nancy Cosio decided join me.  They too suffer from travel-itis and they needed their dose!  I decided to oblige them and "the binder" got to work.  Claudia Nava and Nancy Cosio have both traveled with me before so we new what to expect.  My friends nicknamed me "the binder" after our last road trip to the Toronto Bachata Festival.  They make fun of me because they literally just had to show up.  I planned the rental car, hotel, picked out all of the best restaurants and researched everything ahead of time.  All they had to do was just "show up" and I had everything taken care of.  I had a "binder" with page protectors itemizing and categorizing everything.  I am what is called a spontaneous planner.  I plan and research everything but I leave room for deviating from the binder in case of some surprise situation or newly found discovery once on the trip.

Wednesday night we packed and we broke night and didn't sleep since we had to be at O'hare Airport at 3:30AM to catch the 5:30AM flight to Belize, connecting in Miami.  Whoa, were we tired.  We were too anxious to go to sleep for fear of not waking up on time.  My dear friend Ramiro, was kind and crazy enough to drop me off at the airport!  Thanks Ramiro.  :)

We arrive in Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport in Belize City, Belize at 11:30A.M.  Our hotel is in Ambergris Caye so we have to catch either a water taxi (or take a small charter flight to San Pedro.  If you take a water taxi, you have to take a cab from the airport to the marina which is about  and then take a water taxi for about 75 minutes.  We opted for a small plane since we could just take it from the airport.  It was $75 one way or $135 rd. trip and you get there in 15 minutes.

As we were waiting for our flight, this little man came up to us and asked if we ever had his world famous rum punch?  We looked at each other and said, "Why not?"  Apparently, this is a very famous guy known in the airport known for his rum punch. His name is Jet.  He also gave me his infamous autographed photo.  Check out this link about him.  LOL

Our friend Nancy did very well and overcame her fear of being in a small plane.  Good job Nancy.

Philip S. W. Goldson Airport- Belize City, Belize

Having a rum punch with Jet at Jet's Bar

Fasten your seat belts on this 20 seater plane

Nancy being a trooper

Beautiful Belize view from our plane

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