Monday, July 11, 2011

More pics of Santorini and visiting other parts of the island...

Hello friends,
I went on to explore the other parts of the island on a local tour.  I had an interesting day.  First the bus was late.  As soon as I got on the bus, the bus then had to stop because it started to steam and broke down.  Our group caught a second bus and arrived at our first destination.  We were taking our snapshots on top of this scenic hill and then a few of us realized were left behind!  Our bus was gone!  We looked all over thinking it was just parked but it was gone.  While we were searching, we heard a woman scream, "Help!"  I looked over and saw an A.T.V. go down the steep and dangerous hill.  I think the couple lost control of the vehicle because it was not an actual road but a side of the hill!  Then, the freaking A.T. V. flipped and rolled on them!  OMG!!  It was soooo scary.  People ran down to help and luckily they were okay.

As we were looking, our tour guide hitches a ride from the bottom of the hill to get us because the bus couldn't get back up the hill. Thank God the other passengers noticed we were missing!  What a day!

This was the hill where the ATV flipped over with the couple.
Profitis Ilias

The little village of Pyrgos

My new friend Maria at the Santo Winery.  She is fluent in German, Greek and English and has her degree in interpretation and translation  

Panoramic View from Santo Winery

Maria and her boyfriend Johnny

Wine tasting of their famous local winery

Cute Lebanese couple that I met from Kansas

special type of pruning formed into a basket for the grape wines: because of the high winds, it protects the grapes from being damaged

Zak and Lyn

Delicious pasta with katiki cheese onion, mint, chicken and tomato

View of the caldera

view of the caldera at sunset

Santorini grapes

Santorini grape vines grown low to the ground because of the high winds.  All of the crops on the island are not watered.  The tomatoes grow like cherry tomatoes and super sweet.   

olive tree

delicious salad with feta, tomato, and cucumber

tzaziki sauce and olive oil

fava bean dip:  Santorini is known for their delicious fava beans, rich in flavor

fried zucchini

greek meatballs

lamb chops

baked feta

My French guide, Bernard
He is a master scuba diver and trainer who has been traveling over the past 20 years.

Perivolos Beach
This is the longest black sand beach in Santorini.

Kokkini Paralia 
This is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Santorini.  It has black and red  pebbles formed from the volcano 

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  1. Hi Lyn, it's Maria, how are you doing? I was just looking at our photos from Santorini and they are amazing!!! I'm really happy that we met that day on the bus tour and I'd like to thank you again for that great day we shared!!! What an experience huh? First the bus broke down, then you were left behind and on top of that the A.T.V. accident!!!LOL!!!Thank God the rest of the day went smoothly and we had so much fun!!! Johny and I are sending you our kisses and lots of love!!!!!Take care!;-)